Handbook: Preparing Your Child for College

A Resource Book for Parents


A Note to Parents

I. General Questions about College

Why attend college?
What types of colleges exist?
What kinds of jobs are available to college graduates?

II. Preparing for College

What can my child do to prepare academically for college?
What can my child do outside the classroom to prepare for college?

III. Choosing a College

How can my child go about choosing a college?

IV. Financing a College Education

How much does a college education cost?
How can I afford to send my child to college?
What are the most common sources of financial aid?
Is my child eligible for financial aid? If so, how much?
Tax credits, deductions, and deferrals
Are there other ways to keep the cost of college down?

V. Long-Range Planning

How do I set up a long-range plan?

VI. Important Terms

What terms do I need to understand?

VII. Other Sources of Information

Where can I get more information on the topics discussed in this handbook?

Exercises and Checklists for You and Your Child

Help Your Child Think about a Career
Course Planner for Parent and Student
College Inquiries
College Preparation Checklist for Students
Financial Preparation Checklist for Parents


Chart: Examples of Jobs Requiring College Preparation
Chart: High School Courses Recommended for College
Chart: Questions to Ask Guidance Counselors
Chart: Amount You Would Need to Save to Have $10,000 Available When Your Child Begins College
Chart: How Much Need-based Financial Aid Can My Child Get?
Chart: Examples of Savings Instruments and Investments